Dog:I see the world with my nose

From the visual point of view, dogs should be classified as “color blind”, but they can see more things and feel the world than we think, because they have a very strong olfactory system.
Specifically, dogs have a more “three-dimensional” sense of smell, which means that their two nostrils can independently perceive the type and source of odor.
In addition, they can let air flow in from one nostril to another, and classify odor information through hundreds of millions of olfactory sensing units.
These sensory units then send huge amounts of information to the olfactory bulb part of the brain, which is obviously much larger in dogs than in humans.
The dog’s olfactory system is even developed to “see” (smell) objects that ordinary people can’t see, and even hormones excreted by humans or other animals.
In this way, dogs can use this information to determine whether there is a potential mate around them, whether their human friends are pregnant or sick, and whether a particular creature is friendly or hostile.

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