Why do samoyes vomit?

The owners of Samoye dogs will panic when they encounter sudden vomiting. In this case, they should carefully observe their dogs and find out the cause of vomiting. If it is normal vomiting, there are no other symptoms, so don’t worry. When vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea and fever, they should go to the pet hospital for treatment in time. Here are some common cases of vomiting.

  1. I’m fed up

If dogs eat too much, they are more likely to vomit. To avoid this situation, the owner should pay attention to the feeding work when raising the dog. For example, do not feed the dog from time to time, and do not supply unlimited food because the dog likes to eat certain food.

In this case, the owner can stop eating for Samoye. Don’t worry, the dog is hungry and not full. After stopping eating, feed some pet probiotics. The beneficial bacteria inside can help the dog digest and regulate the intestines and stomach.

  1. Diseases (digestive tract diseases, infectious diseases, etc.)

When the dog has some diseases, the owner will also see the dog has vomiting symptoms. If the dog vomit because of illness, the owner needs to take corresponding measures to make the dog recover as soon as possible. It should be noted that when the dog vomits, the owner should not give the dog drugs to prevent the occurrence of accidents. If necessary, the owner should send the dog to the pet hospital for treatment in time, so as not to delay the best time for treatment.

  1. Poisoning

If Samos are poisoned, they may also vomit, so owners should keep dogs away from things they can’t touch while raising Samos. In addition, when you take your dog out to play, you should pay close attention to your dog, and don’t let them eat what they shouldn’t eat.

  1. Parasitic infection

If dogs are infected with parasites, they may vomit, and some dogs may even vomit parasites. If you don’t want the dog to be infected by parasites, the owner must do a good job of regular deworming.

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