Can I pet that dog ?

In life, whenever we see a cute and good-looking dog, we can’t help but feel it. But be sure to ask the owner before touching: can I pet your dog? After obtaining the owner’s consent, follow the owner’s instructions. Otherwise, not only impolite, but also may be bitten by the dog. Because in some cases or parts, the dog doesn’t want you to touch it. Let’s take a look at the specific ones:

  1. When touching a dog, you need to be very careful. If it feels uneasy and nervous or unhappy, don’t touch it easily. It is also not suitable to touch dogs when their body is taut and tense, licking their lips nervously or leaking their teeth nervously, growling in a low voice and even showing white eyes to you
  2. Dogs have a strong possessive or protective desire for what they eat or play with, and others are not allowed to take them away. Therefore, when dogs eat or play, they do not need to touch dogs to avoid attacking people
  3. Gentle touch is more suitable for dogs than strong touch. We can make dogs trust our touch and reduce the pressure caused by touching. So watch the dog’s expression when stroking. If the dog’s expression is that the eyes are closed, the face is wrinkled, and even the ears are in a tense shape. It can be seen that this way of touching is not what they like. It should stop immediately
  4. It is worth noting that the mouth and nose, the legs, especially the position close to the claws, and the tail are the three parts that you’d better not touch. You can only touch them when you are very close to them. Touching it rudely and forcefully will make it think you are attacking it, which will make it hostile to you.

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