How does Samoye cough do?

When raising pets, it is easy to encounter the situation of pet illness. Samoye is a pet dog recognized by all of us. It is also a pet dog that many friends like to keep. If Samoye has frequent cough, the owner must pay attention to it. What is the matter with Samoye cough?

Samoye coughs once in a while, the owner should not worry too much. The occasional cough is beneficial to the health of Samoye, which can discharge some bacteria and impurities from his body. If the cough is more frequent and accompanied by other symptoms, it needs the host to give enough attention. Clinical studies have found that large temperature difference, some air pollutants, some diseases and so on can lead to frequent cough in Samoye dogs.

If the frequency of Samoye’s cough is not frequent and there are no other related symptoms, which are mainly caused by the large temperature difference, smoke and dust, the owners need not make a fuss about this. Let Samoye have a good rest for a period of time, and the cough symptoms can be gradually eliminated. Samoye also accompanied by other diseases during the cough, such as depression, fever, convulsion, no appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. at this time, the owners should pay attention to that your Samoye may be infected with other viruses, so parents should take the dog to the hospital for treatment in time. Once the fault is wrong, the best treatment time will do harm to Samoye for a long time, and even kill Samoye.

In general, Samoye have normal mental appetite, no fever and no nasal discharge. Therefore, some inexperienced owners will mostly find reasons from their diet and think that the little Samoye has got stuck in his throat after eating a bone. In severe cases, the throat will swell, which can cause cough, spitting, and is often mistaken for vomiting. So, once you find that your Samoye coughs constantly and has the following symptoms, it is necessary to be vigilant.

1. In severe cases, dry cough and vomiting may occur in Samoye. Cough increases with increased exercise and food irritation. The diet desire of Samoye did not change significantly. A few Samoye had the phenomenon of loss of appetite and increased body temperature. Even if the weather is relatively cold, also should let the pet exercise moderately, maintains the good blood circulation. In addition, once the Samoye is suspected to have cardiovascular disease, the owner should pay attention to observe the pulse of femoral artery in the hind leg of Samoye.

2. Samoye has a runny nose. First of all, see if the dog’s nose is wet. If the nose is still wet, the runny nose is mostly a cold problem; if the nose is dry, accompanied by cough, no spirit, etc., it is likely to have a cold. For runny nose caused by cold weather, it’s good to take warm keeping measures for the dog. If you don’t have clothes, put more cloth or cotton in the dog’s Kennel, and close the area around. Especially for the dog, the resistance is not good. Pay special attention to it. The best way is to supply honey water every day, which is very effective.

In addition to the cold, cold weather will lead to Samoye runny nose, canine distemper and small diseases can also lead to Samoye runny nose, and to be more serious, often accompanied by fever, cough, diarrhea, vomiting, listlessness, loss of appetite, if it is found that suffering from these two diseases, we must timely treatment, delay the disease, Samoye may not be killed at any time.

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