Analysis of the causes of vomiting in pet dogs

Pet dogs often give us the impression that they are not picky about food and easy to keep. However, many excrement removal officials found that pet dogs were more vulnerable than we thought after they really had dogs. Pet dog vomiting has always been a headache for the excrement removing officers. The vomiting of pet dogs can be large or small. If the situation is mild, it can be improved by adjusting diet and living habits; if the situation is serious, it needs to seek medical treatment in time. Today, we would like to summarize the causes of pet dog vomiting. You can take your seat according to the actual situation of the dog, so as to solve the problem more effectively.

1、 Overeating

Sometimes when we describe ourselves as having too much to eat, we will tease ourselves as “full to vomit”, which is true in pet dogs. Eating too much will indeed lead to the dog’s esophagus burden is too heavy, in the case of digestion is not timely, causing vomiting symptoms. In this case, pet owners do not need to worry too much, but in the future feeding should pay attention to control the amount of food.

2、 Gastrointestinal obstruction

In the process of playing, the pet dog may have ingested some indigestible substances, such as rope, small plastic, cotton and so on. These substances will be blocked in the gastrointestinal tract after being ingested by pet dogs, causing gastrointestinal rejection. In this case, the dog can vomit white mousse like vomit.

3、 Physiological vomiting

Physical vomiting is a normal phenomenon in pet dogs. If the pet dog vomits the food digested by his stomach and eats it back, and there is no adverse reaction, this is a normal physiological vomiting, which does not need the owner’s extra attention. However, if the pet dog eats the food which is not easy to digest, it may also cause this phenomenon. The owner should pay attention to adjust the diet.

4、 Gastritis

Transparent white vomit is likely to mean gastritis. Gastritis can lead to very large problems in the whole digestive system of pet dogs, resulting in dyspepsia, loss of appetite, vomiting and other symptoms. This situation is also very dangerous, must take the pet dog to the hospital in time for treatment.

5、 Gastrointestinal ulcer

If the dog vomited yellow green bile like liquid, it is likely caused by gastric ulcer. Gastrointestinal ulcers can cause the dog’s digestive system to fail to function properly. The symptoms are chronic vomiting, even vomiting blood or bloody stool. However, gastrointestinal ulcer is not always vomiting, so it is difficult to diagnose. Therefore, pet owners should pay attention to pet dog vomiting, and it is better to give pet dog physical examination regularly to avoid missing the best treatment time.

6、 Internal parasites

The internal parasites of pet dogs include tapeworm, Ascaris lumbricoides, hookworm and Trichuris. These nematodes will enter the body of pet dogs in the form of infective larvae or eggs through raw meat or external environment. The parasite can stay in the dog for a long time before symptoms appear. Therefore, if the pet dog vomiting because of parasites, it means that the parasite infection has reached a relatively serious situation. The owner must give the pet dog regular body deworming, the use of internal anthelmintic can effectively kill the above parasites. In addition, pet dogs like to rub around when they go out for a walk, and there is a possibility of infection at any time. Therefore, the internal deworming must be carried out regularly. Do not wait for symptoms to take measures.

Therefore, there are many reasons for pet dog vomiting. If you don’t know how your pet dog vomits, you can refer to the above reasons to find the crux. In the face of the symptoms of vomiting, as a shovel shite officer, do not mess with medication, also do not ignore. If you can’t judge the cause of vomiting by yourself, the best way is to take the dog to the hospital and ask a professional doctor to give reasonable advice.

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