Pet Grooming: clean dog’s ears and trim nails

Ear canal cleaning

The ear canal of dog is easy to accumulate grease, dust and moisture, especially in big eared dogs. The drooping ear shell often covers the ear canal, or the long hair near the ear canal (such as noble lady dog, Peking dog, etc.) can also cover the ear canal. In this way, the ear canal is easy to be infected and inflamed due to the poor air circulation and the dirt and moisture. Therefore, the dog’s ear canal should be checked frequently. If the dog often scratches the ear, or constantly shakes his head and shakes the ear vigorously, it indicates that there is something wrong with the ear canal, and it should be checked carefully and timely.
The method of earwax removal is: first disinfect the external ear canal with alcohol cotton ball, and then use 3% sodium bicarbonate ear drops or 2% boric acid water drops on the earwax. After the dried earwax softens, gently take out the ear wax with small tweezers. The tweezers should not be inserted too deep, and the spirit should be highly concentrated. If the dog shakes his head, he should quickly take out the tweezers to avoid stabbing the tympanic membrane or piercing the ear canal mucosa. 4% boric acid glycerin ear drops, 2.5% chloramphenicol glycerine ear drops, cortisone neomycin ear drops and other ear drops can be used for ear canal inflammation, three times a day. In addition, the long hair near the ear canal should be regularly trimmed to prevent shampoo and water from splashing into the ear canal when bathing.

Trim the toenails

Dogs often move on rough ground and can automatically grind out their toes, such as wolfhounds. If you seldom run on rough ground and wear less, your dog’s toenails will grow very fast, such as Pekingese, Shih Tzu and noble lady dog. Long toenails can make the dog uncomfortable, but also easy to damage furniture, textiles and carpets at home; sometimes too long nails will split, easy to cause local infection. In addition, the dog’s toe has degenerated, and there is also a flying toe at the upper part of the inner side of the foot, commonly known as “wolf’s claw”. It is purely redundant degradation, which hinders the dog’s walking and easily causes the dog to scratch itself. So, trim your dog’s toenails regularly.
Dog’s toenails are very hard and should be trimmed with a special claw scissors for dogs and cats. The degenerated “wolf’s claws” should be removed by the veterinarian within 2-3 weeks after birth, and only one stitch is needed to avoid the subsequent complications. Daily nail pruning method, in addition to the use of special toe claw scissors, it is best to wait for toenails to soak soft before cutting in the bath. However, it should be noted that there are vascular nerves at the base of each claw. Therefore, it is not allowed to cut too much and too deep. Generally, only about 1 / 3 of the claw should be cut off, and the file should be smooth to prevent damage. If the dog’s movement is abnormal after cutting, check the toes carefully to see if there is bleeding and damage. If there is damage, you can apply iodine. In addition to cutting toenails, check the foot pillow for trauma. In addition, on the toes and feet near the pillow hair, should often be cut short, in order to prevent slipping.

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